In 1949, in an effort to serve their co-workers a group of middle-class Americans from UAW Local 228 met to form a credit union. Creating a financial institution to help one another was — and still is today — the purpose of THE LOCAL.

In today’s competitive financial institution market, it is not easy to see the difference between a bank and a credit union. Mega credit unions and banks can be found on every street corner trying to be everything to everybody.

The difference is clear at THE LOCAL. It’s because of who we are.

Who We Are

THE LOCAL employs middle class workers, organized under a collective bargaining agreement in order to stay true to the principles of the 1949 charter.

THE LOCAL prides itself in offering all financial products that banks and Mega-credit union’s offer – but at reasonable rates to encourage thrift among our members.

Who We Serve

THE LOCAL serves middle class working families with middle class workers to complete a “Made In The USA” financial cycle.

THE LOCAL serves proud union workers whose union locals are headquartered in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties because that is who WE are — union workers.

If middle class America is important to you — and you want to feel like you are part of something different while supporting fellow union brothers and sisters — WE are here for YOU.

Proud to be a Number

We're right there with you. See how we're giving back and getting involved.

Union Local Involvement