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This account was designed with your children in mind. Together we can teach the children good savings habits. Parents/Grandparents use this account to save for the child's future.

To open an account, you need a $10.00 initial deposit.

Inconsistency may occur with the use of the calculator and the outcomes are not guaranteed.



  • Report Card Credit
    To take advantage of this promotion, the student must have an account in his/her name.
    Present the report card or a copy.
    Make a $20.00 deposit.
    Bonus deposit is based on the grades.
    A+   =  $4.50		A     =  4.00		A-   =   3.75
    B+ = 3.50 B = 3.00 B- = 2.75
    C+ = 2.50 C = 2.00 C- = 1.75
    Bonus deposit is determined by adding all the grade point values and dividing by the number of grades. If the Bonus deposit is less than $2.00 no deposit will be made. This Report card credit is for full time students to the age of 24.

  • Periodic Promotions to encourage saving money

  • Annual Spring and Fall promotion

"Tillie the Teller" is the one who manages the VIK program.

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