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The Local Credit Union offers a wide variety of services to meet all of your financial needs.
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Loan Programs and Rates
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Shares, Certificates, IRAs and Rates

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Checking Account
X-Tra Val U Club

Easy Access to Your Funds

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"V.I.K." Club (Very Important Kids)
For the persons in your household age 0 - 16 years of age. Teach the children to start saving at an early age. Periodic promotions and incentives offered. Report Card Credit - Bonus deposit based on school grades when report card is presented and a minimum deposit of $20.00 is made to the account.

Young Adult Program
Designed for 16-24 year olds. A checking account ideal for the college students away from home. Use the debit card to pay for expenses rather than cash or costly credit cards. No Monthly Service Fee. $10 minimum balance required.

Credit Union Family Service Centers

Local Offices
Use the link above to get more information on local Credit Union Family Service Centers.

National Offices
Use the link to find national Shared Branch locations.

Other Products
Certified and Cashiers Checks, Money Orders

Electronic Fund Transfers
Our Routing & Transit # is 272485194

Direct Deposit from employers; various governmental benefits such as Social Security pension, disability and survivorship payments, SSI payments, Military retirement, VA payments, Military allotments; and deposits from any third party through the facilities of the Payments Authority (ACH) - Automated Clearing House Association
Payments for goods and services from merchants displaying the Master Card or MAESTRO symbol at POS terminals; automatic deductions from your account of premiums for Group Life Insurance and Disability Insurance coverage available to our members; mortgage payments, insurance premiums and utility bills as well as other types of payments to third parties, through the facilities of the Automated Clearing House (ACH).
Twenty-five billers have automated sign up for direct payment (check the link below).Direct Payment


Payroll Deduction
PAY YOURSELF FIRST! Set aside the same amount each pay period. Save for something special (a new home, special vacation, a new car, etc.) or to pay bills. Ask your employer if they offer this as an employee benefit. (We currently have forms at the credit union office for employees who work at the Ford plants.)

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